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Therapy works!

In fact fifty years of research have unequivocally demonstrated that those in treatment are better off than 80 percent of the people in the no treatment comparison groups. So seeking a therapist to assist you in your efforts can be exactly what you need to inspire the changes you wish to make.

Because life is hard at times, no doubt about it.  Psychotherapy offers many people a way to cope with, learn and grow from difficult present or past problems.  It allows people to grow and function beyond their original abilities.

Our task in your psychotherapy is to help you share your thoughts and feelings in a collaboration, where we devote our collected interest and energy to your concerns.

All effective psychologists use a combination of methods and tactics that involve both thinking and emotions to help bring about personal change with patients.  Additionally, all psychologists need to have some way to explain how people function and what drives and motivates human behavior.  As a modern psychodynamic professional and evolutionary psychologist, I believe the work of Freud and many of his followers (some who have gone very far from his original ideas) offers a helpful way to understand human experience.

My therapy work uses tactics from many different schools to design, in collaboration with you, the best experience we can create.

Edward J. Lundeen, Ph.D., P.C.
Clinical Psychologist
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